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If your photoshoot contains food-related activity

Pelago Photoshoot

V3.3 2022.05.13


Pelago is a travel experiences platform created by Singapore Airlines Group. Think of it as a travel magazine that you can book - highly curated, visually inspiring, with the trust and quality of Singapore Airlines. They connect you with global, local cultures and ideas so you can expand your life.


How to schedule a photoshoot

If you are scheduling for the first time and are not sure of the correct process, please follow the instructions above to ensure that you follow the correct protocol with the business owner.

By accepting this assignment, you will be representing OCUS in the eyes of our client. We count on you to demonstrate a high level of professionalism in your coming interactions. If a photoshoot already has an appointment scheduled, please respect this appointment and only assign yourself to the photoshoot if you are available at this time.

Assignments are not all the same. Please go to the OCUS platform and verify the imagery you need to deliver.


When and how to upload my images Your priority is capturing excellent photos. To ensure consistency, OCUS is handling the post-production internally. Please respect the following requirements to make sure that we can deliver the best outcome to our client.

- Don’t edit any of your pictures (no crop, no edit)

- Don’t erase your metadata

- Select your best shots and don't send more files than required

- Please make sure you upload your media in the correct category.

- Don’t forget to validate your assignment after uploading your files - Follow the naming convention below (take some notes during the photoshoot to keep all the needed information).

/!\ Send your pictures the same day as the photoshoot before midnight

/!\ Keep your RAW files until your mission is validated

If something does not allow you to strictly follow these guidelines during the photoshoot, you must let us know with a comment on your dashboard after your upload.


Follow the naming convention below (take some notes during the photoshoot to keep all the needed information)

Naming structure: "activity_country_pelago" Please start from 0, so for 10 photos, use numbers 0-9 instead of 1-10 For example: kayaking_thailand_pelago0 kayaking_thailand_pelago1 phuket_zoo_thailand_pelago0 phuket_zoo_thailand_pelago1


The goal of the collaboration is to provide professional content that will be used for their web communication.

As a member of OCUS' community, you are asked to shoot photos that will be defined in this guideline. Please read it carefully and follow the instructions. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the examples below.

Your missions

  1. Capture people enjoying themselves, since this will be a trigger for Pelago's clients to purchase the activity

  2. Capture the atmosphere, ideally, people interacting with each other

  3. Clarify the actions of the activity using framing

General instruction

  • Landscape pictures only.

  • Participants should be happy, excited, laughing, with a real smile (smiling with the eyes), or focused on the activity.

  • Avoid masks and sunglasses.

  • Capture the views as seen by the guests and the details.

  • Focus on the aesthetics of the photo, it needs to be attractive and a good seller.

  • Have a good mix of close-up and distant shots. By the way, please photograph wider than your framing intention (this is because we want the flexibility to crop it)

  • Follow the path of the activity and take pictures of every step to represent what the guests will be experiencing.

⚠️Attention⚠️: Please ask the on-site contact if models are attending the photoshoot. If so, feel free to direct them so you can frame the photo as you want following your artistic decision.


  • Hero Image: At least 2 dynamic event images for Pelago to choose from.

  • Key Highlights: At least 5 step-by-step images that walk a customer through the experience/tour that Pelago can use for key highlights.

Images must give customers a very clear idea of what to expect on the tour.

Always check on your OCUS Dashboard, you'll see the minimum of images required for a shoot. Please upload a little bit more photos (up to 10 photos) to facilitate the post-production. If you provide less than what you’re asked for, you will be asked to reshoot the space.

We understand unexpected situations can arise in each shoot, so please use your best judgment, and don’t forget to leave a comment to explain your issues when uploading your photos on the OCUS platform.

The list below is a recap of all the photos that have to be taken during your photoshoot.



APS-C / Full Frame

General Setting:

ISO 400-1000 (max)

AF Mode: Continuous focus Drive mode: Burst mode Minimum shutter speed 1/120


14 - 90 mm

General Setting:

f/4.5 - f/16