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Product Photography Guidelines

V 1.1 - 2023.09.22



How to schedule a photoshoot

If you are scheduling for the first time and are not sure of the correct process, please read the instructions here to ensure that you follow the correct protocol with the business owner. By accepting this assignment, you will be representing OCUS in the eyes of our client. If a photoshoot already has an appointment scheduled, please respect this appointment and only assign yourself to the photoshoot if you are available at this time.

Assignments are not all the same. Please verify in the OCUS platform the number of photos you need to take, and confirm to the business the number of dishes they have to prepare.


When and how to upload my images

Your priority is to take excellent photos. To ensure consistency across our entire community, OCUS is handling the post-production internally. Please respect the following requirements to make sure that we can deliver the best results to our client.

  • Don’t edit any of your photos (no crop, no edit).

  • Don’t remove the metadata from the files.

  • Select your best shots and don't send more files than required.

  • Follow the naming convention below (take some notes during the photoshoot to keep all the needed information).

If something does not allow you to strictly follow these guidelines during the photoshoot, you must let us know with a comment on your dashboard after your upload.


To facilitate an accurate file naming, you should look for the link to the business menu visible on the app that we have in the assignment page. You should open this link during the photoshoot to validate the dish names with the on-site contact (the menu in the app is not the same as the menu available in the business). The names of the items you photograph must be the exact same ones that will be available in the app, otherwise your assignment won't be validated.

Kindly rename your files following this structure:

  • For single menu items: Dish_Name.jpg

  • For Hero shots: Hero.jpg


  • Cheeseburger_with_fries.jpg

  • Hero.jpg

Please make sure you upload your files to the correct category, and then confirm when you've finish the uploading process by clicking on send all media to send the files to OCUS.

⚠️ Send your pictures before midnight on the day of the photoshoot. ⚠️ Keep your RAW files until your assignment is validated.


Your goal is to take enticing photos that make people eager to order food from the platform.

⚠️ Remember to always shoot your photos in RAW format, but only upload JPG files to the OCUS platform. If you need to ask us any question, you can use the link at the bottom of this page to visit our Help Center, and we'll be happy to help you.



Full frame or APS-C

General settings:

  • ISO 400 max


35-80mm (full frame)

General settings:

  • Aperture: f/8 - f/16