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foodpanda Dine-in Restaurant Photo Guidelines

V 1.5 - 2023.10.24


foodpanda, a prominent food industry player, has partnered with OCUS to bring you Dine-in photoshoots. Your role will be to capture both the delectable menu items and the restaurant, all aligned with these guidelines. Produce visuals that will make customers order via their online platform and experience not only the food but the entire dine-in atmosphere, drawing them to their partner restaurants.

With the newly launched Dine-in feature, foodpanda presents enticing discounts, such as 1-for-1 dine-in deals, spanning over 300 restaurant partners.


This assignment is for foodpanda Dine-in. Please make sure to read the guidelines carefully as the expected delivery is different. You will need to produce both food and restaurant photos.

Please note that if you photograph the same restaurant for multiple clients, the photos must be different for legal reasons.

If you are scheduling for the first time and are not sure of the correct process, please follow the instructions here to ensure that you follow the correct protocol with the business owner.

By accepting this assignment, you will be representing OCUS in the eyes of our client. We count on you to demonstrate a high level of professionalism in your coming interactions. If a photoshoot already has an appointment scheduled, please respect this appointment and only assign yourself to the photoshoot if you are available at this time.

How to schedule a photoshoot

First-time scheduling and not sure? Please follow these instructions to ensure you adhere to the correct protocol:

✔️ DO: Only accept scheduled appointments when you are available. Rescheduling is discouraged.

✔️ DO: Always confirm the location and time with the on-site contact for a smooth experience.

✔️ DO: Provide the on-site contact with the photo package number. If additional photos are requested, contact us at Help center first as OCUS requires client approval.

✔️ DO: Remind the on-site contact that only menu items currently displayed on their food partner's website should be photographed. Menu items not on the client's website will be rejected. The on-site contact must directly discuss menu updates/changes with the client. It is not OCUS’ or your responsibility

✔️ DO: Remind them to tidy up the restaurant: the bar should be clean, the kitchen and the dining area tidy and set up, and the trash taken out.


When and how to upload my images

OCUS is handling the post-production internally. Editing your media files to avoid post-production problems is a violation. Please respect the following requirements to make sure that we can deliver the best outcome to our client:

  • Don’t edit any of your pictures (no crop, no edit)

  • Don’t erase your metadata

  • Select your best shots and don't send more files than required

  • Follow the naming convention below (take some notes during the photoshoot to keep all the needed information)

  • Shoot in RAW format but deliver only JPGs


Please rename the photos accordingly:

Food photos: food_1, food_2, food_3, etc

Ambience photos: ambience_1, ambience_2, ambience_3, etc

  • Please make sure you upload your media in the correct category.

  • Don’t forget to validate your assignment after uploading your files.

⚠️ Send your pictures the day of the photoshoot, before midnight.

⚠️ Keep your RAW files until your mission is validated.



Check your mission dashboard or your OCUS email notifications for package details on your mission.

You are required to capture:

5 x food photos

5 x ambiance photos

Capture additional photos in case of quality issues or a reshoot will be required.

Photo distribution

Important reminders:

  • Before you start, discuss with the on-site contact to know which items/areas they would like to highlight.

  • A minimum of 10 photos is required.

  • Unable to take 5 food photos? Take extra ambiance pictures instead, and vice versa.

  • Leave a comment on your assignment timeline on any modifications to packages or requests from the on-site contact.

Suggested food photos:

1 x starter,

3 x main dishes

1 x dessert

Suggested ambiance photos - The goal is to photograph areas that would entice people to visit the restaurant:

1 x outdoor dining area

1 x Bar/counter area

2 x indoor dining area

1 x of the open kitchen



Full frame or APS-C

General settings:

  • ISO 400 max

  • WB: Manual, as accurate as possible!


16-90mm (full frame)

General settings:


  • Food: f/5.6 - f/8

    • 35-90mm for horizontal/vertical

  • Ambiance: f/5.6 - f/11

    • 16-24 mm for horizontal

    • 24-35 mm for vertical