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Rectangular Basic Containers (sugar, rice, sweets)
Fresh products
Products with additional packaging ((e.g. Starbuck coffee capsules or creams)
Flexible Plastic Packaging (fruit gum wrappers, Haribo)
Tubes (toothpaste)
Round Product
Packaging with relevant info on the lid

E-commerce Photoshoot

V1.2 - 2021.11.29


Flink is an online supermarket revolutionising the way you do your grocery shopping. With a wide selection of over 2,000
high quality products, Flink aims to deliver to your door in just 10 minutes. Flink put the customers first and ensure all products delivered are fresh and nutritious. In addition to this, they are able to customise national assortment to offer
you unique local products in every city. Flink delivery hubs are located in densely populated inner city locations and we strive to be sustainable by delivering on electric bikes and using packaging that can be recycled.



When and how to upload my images

Upload your images on the platform at the end of each day of photoshoot.


Images have to be renamed following this structure:

* You'll find the SKU list in attachment of your assignment.

Number Count_SKU code_Date

Number Count

> 1_ for front at 30°

> 2_ or 3_ for full front or sides

> 3_ or 4_ for back

> 5_ for others (top…)

SKU code (It is not the barcode)

Provided by the client.


The date has to follow this structure : yearmonthday_hourminutes

For example, if a picture has been taken the 5 of March 2022 at 10am, the date will be:



Photoshoot Set Up

You'll need to have a space from 5 to 10 m2 available to organize your photoshoot (to set up the equipment, to stock the products to shoot and the ones already shot, a place for the assistant not so far from you to see the products,...).

You'll have to measure a 30 degrees angle with a protractor and draw a line on your background to set each product at the right place.

For top shot pictures, please follow this schema:


You'll be asked to shoot a large number of products, you'll find all the information on the OCUS assignment page.

Each product will require one to four photos depending on the type of item (front, side, back, product cut, etc).

First picture: Front 30 degrees (a protractor is mandatory to measure the right angle)

Second picture: Side of the product

Third picture: Back or other side

Fourth picture: Depends of the product (side picture, product cut,...)

See photo examples below.

⚠️ For round object, please capture the product straight on for the "front" product, no need to angle it at 30°.

❗️Clean all products (stains, fat traces, drops,..)

❗️For bottles and cans, please try to avoid as much as possible the reflection (people, camera, table,...).



Full frame or APS-C

Recommended settings:

  • ISO 400

  • Shutter speed: 1/125


24-70 mm

Recommended settings:

  • Aperture: f/11