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Single dish
Dish composition
Dos & Don'ts

Doordash Food Photography

V 1.9 - 2023.04.07


Delivery & takeout from the best local restaurants. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and more, delivered safely to your door. Now offering pickup & no-contact delivery.


This is an assignment for DoorDash. Please make sure to read the guidelines carefully as the expected delivery is different.

Please note that if you photograph the same restaurant for multiple clients, the photos must be different for legal reasons.


1.Angles: Single-dish photo angle is 90° or 0° (never 45°):

  • 90° (Top View): Pizza, Sushi (set), Soups, Curries, Pasta, Salads, Mixed Plates

  • 0° (Front View): Tacos, Sushi (single), Dessert, Burgers, Sandwich, Burritos, Drinks

Hero photo angle is always 90° (exception: drinks - 0°)

2.Background: Use wooden/marble/stone background when possible. If not available, use a plain colored background that is not too distracting. Make sure the background is consistent in all photos to avoid reshooting.

3.Focus: Avoid soft focus and shallow depth of field for your shot.

4.Naming: The naming convention should be respected like in our examples.

5.Crop ratio: Anticipate the 16:9 crop ratio (restrain from cropping plates).

6.1 item per photo: Shoot only 1 item per Single dish photo (exception: assortment) to avoid a reshoot.

Always leave a comment if the conditions are not met

How to schedule a photoshoot

If you are scheduling for the first time and are not sure of the correct process, please follow the instructions here to ensure that you follow the correct protocol with the business owner.

By accepting this assignment, you will be representing OCUS in the eyes of our client. We count on you to demonstrate a high level of professionalism in your coming interactions. If a photoshoot already has an appointment scheduled, please respect this appointment and only assign yourself to the photoshoot if you are available at this time.


  • Assignments are not all the same. Please go to OCUS platform and verify the imagery you need to deliver.

  • Please confirm over the phone how many dishes the restaurant will have to prepare (refer to the package on the assignment page). If the restaurant asks to prepare more, you can shoot up to 30 dishes. Just let us know before the photoshoot happens and we will update the assignment and the compensation. If it's not done before, we won't be able to upgrade the package. Likewise, if the restaurant wants to prepare less dishes, please let us know. The 3 packages possible are 10+1, 20+1 or 30+1, not in-between.


When and how to upload my images

Your priority is capturing excellent photos. To ensure consistency, OCUS is handling the post-production internally. Please respect the following requirements to make sure that we can deliver the best outcome to our client.

- Don’t edit any of your pictures (no crop, no edit). - Don’t erase your metadata. - Select your best shots and don't send more files than required. - Follow the naming convention below (take some notes during the photoshoot to keep all the needed information).


Single Dish : dish_name.jpg

Dish Composition : hero.jpg





The naming convention must include underscores:

For example, chickenwaffles.jpg should be renamed as chicken_waffles.jpg

The dish name must match the Doordash menu of the restaurant!

- Please make sure you upload your media in the correct category. - Don’t forget to validate your assignment after uploading your files. /!\ Send your pictures the same day as the photoshoot before midnight. /!\ Keep your RAW files until your mission is validated.


KEY POINTS 1) Check your mission dashboard or your OCUS email notifications for package details on your mission. This tells you the number of dishes you are required to capture

2) Make sure to respect the do and don't of each type of photo

3) Always keep in mind future formats for the app (16:9)

4) Angle

- Single Dishes must be shot at 90° (0° - except for burgers, drinks ... check Single dish section)

- Dish Composition - always 90° (0° - exception for drinks ... check Dish composition section)

5) Naming - Single Dish: dish_name.jpg / Dish Composition: hero.jpg

According to the situation and the weather, adapt these recommended settings. Use a long shutter speed if needed but don’t use too high ISO. We understand unexpected situations can arise in each shoot, so please use your best judgment and leave a comment when uploading your photos on the OCUS platform.

The list below is a recap of all the photos that have to be taken during your photoshoot.



CAMERA APS-C / Full Frame

General settings:

  • ISO 100 - 400 max


35-90mm (full frame)

General settings:

  • Aperture: f/8 - f/11