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Booksy Service Photoshoot

V 1.0 - 2021.11.04


Booksy is an appointment scheduling app that helps health and beauty pros amplify their craft and run their businesses without worrying about the boring, nitty gritty details.


How to schedule a photoshoot


If you are scheduling for the first time and are not sure of the correct process, please follow the instructions here to ensure that you follow the correct protocol with the business owner.

By accepting this assignment, you will be representing OCUS in the eyes of our client. We count on you to demonstrate a high level of professionalism in your coming interactions. If a photoshoot already has an appointment scheduled, please respect this appointment and only assign yourself to the photoshoot if you are available at this time.

Assignments are not all the same. Please go to OCUS platform and verify the imagery you need to deliver.


When and how to upload my images

Your priority is capturing excellent photos. To ensure consistency, OCUS handles all post-production internally. Please respect the following requirements to make sure that we can deliver the best outcome to our client. - Don’t edit any of your pictures (no crop, no edit). - Don’t erase your metadata. - Select your best shots and don't send more files than required. - Follow the naming convention below (take some notes during the photoshoot to keep all the information needed).


Rename your files following this structure:


ie: adagiosalonandspa_SanDiegoCalifornia.jpg

- Please make sure you upload your media in the correct category. - Don’t forget to validate your assignment after uploading your files. /!\ Send your pictures the same day than the photoshoot before midnight. /!\ Keep your RAW files until your mission is validated.


The goal of your collaboration is to provide professional content that will be used for their web communication.

⭐️ Please capture a total of 10-15 photos per photoshoot. Please take a minimum of 1 photo of: - Exterior - Welcome Area (Interior) - General View (Interior) - Key Features / Amenities - Action Shots -> For the remaining 5-10, the on-site contact is allowed to ask for any of the following types of photos: - Interior details - Key Features / Amenities - Action Shots - Exterior - Product Shots They will then select the photos they want with you to avoid back and forth with the client later. Please add comments while uploading the mission that the images have been approved by the on-site contact during the assignment.



Full frame or APS-C

General settings:

  • ISO 800 max


14 - 90 mm (full frame)

General settings:

  • Aperture: f/5.6 - f/16